21st June 2015- Under 8 Boys blltz



Thanks to all the under 8's who all performed brilliantly at Saturday's football blitz in Shandonagh. Well done boys, every one of you were terrific. 6th September 2015


UNDER 8's 


An under 8 blitz takes place on Saturday 5th September in Shandonagh at 11.00am. All players are to be there for 10.45am. 30th August 2015




Thanks to all the under 8s who all performed brilliantly at Friday's football blitz in Ballinagore. Well done to the boys who participated, the team is really beginning to take shape. 12th July 2015




The next Under 8 blitz is on Friday 10th July in Ballinagore.  This starts at 6.30pm. All players are requested to be there for 6.15pm. All players must wear a gum shield, club socks and togs.5th July 2015




We have been invited to partake in an under 8 Blitz. This will take place at St. Loman's grounds, Lakepoint Park at 6.30pm on Friday 22 May. All players are to be at the grounds at 6.15pm. All support is welcome. 17th May 2015 




Thanks to all the under 8's who all performed brilliantly at Saturdays football blitz in Mullingar Shamrocks. Well done boys, three cheers for you all. Training continues as normal on Saturday morning next. 10th May 2015




Our under 8 boys have a football blitz in Mullingar Shamrocks' grounds on Saturday the 9th of May at 11.00am. Don't forget to bring all your gear3rd May 2015


U8 GO Games 2015 – Football and Hurling Fixtures Rounds 2 - 7


FOOTBALL - ROUND ONE, played Saturday April 18th


FOOTBALL - ROUND TWO, Saturday May 9th at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Athlone, plus - Tubberclair, Maryland/Tang & Castledaly

Group 2: Hosts: Caulry, plus Rosemount, Garrycastle & Moate All Whites

Group 3: Hosts: Kilbeggan/St. Josephs plus– Millmore Gaels, Ballynacargy & St. Malachys/Ballinagore

Group 4: Hosts: Mullingar Sshamrocks, plus – Shandonagh, St. Lomans & Multyfarnham

Group 5: Hosts: Milltownpass, plus – St. Marys Rochfortbridge, Tyrrellspass & The Downs

Group 6: Hosts: Killucan, plus Delvin, St. Pauls, Coralstown/Kinnegad, Ballycomoyle and Inny Shamrocks


FOOTBALL - ROUND THREE, Friday May 22nd at 6.30pm

Group 1: Hosts: Castledaly, plus – Rosemount, Kilbeggan/St. Josephs & Garrycastle

Group 2: Hosts: Moate All Whites, plus – Athlone, St. Malachys/Ballinagore & Caulry

Group 3: Hosts: Ballynacargy, plus - Tubberclair, Maryland/Tang & Millmore Gaels

Group 4: Hosts: St. Lomans, plus – Shandonagh, Coralstown/Kinnegad, Ballycomoyle and Killucan

Group 5: Hosts: The Downs, plus Mullingar Shamrocks, St. Marys Rochfortbridge, Inny Shamrocks and Tyrrellspass

Group 6: Hosts: Delvin, plus St. Pauls, Multyfarnham & Milltownpass


FOOTBALL - ROUND FOUR, Tuesday June 16th – Coinciding with Destination Sport Mullingar

Games for all clubs staggered at 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 8.00pm – full details nearer the time


FOOTBALL - ROUND FIVE, Friday July 10th at 6.30pm

Group 1: Hosts: Maryland/Tang, plus Tubberclair, Millmore Gaels & Ballynacargy

Group 2: Hosts: Rosemount, plus Kilbeggan/St. Josephs, Garrycastle, Castledaly & Athlone

Group 3: Hosts: St. Malachys/Ballinagore, plus Caulry, Moate All Whites, Shandonagh & Tyrrellspass

Group 4: Hosts: Multyfarnham, plus Delvin, The Downs and St. Pauls

Group 5: Hosts: Mullingar Shamrocks, plus Coralstown/Kinnegad, Inny Shamrocks and Ballycomoyle

Group 6: Hosts: St. Marys/Rochfortbridge, plus Killucan, St. Lomans and Milltownpass


FOOTBALL - ROUND SIX, Saturday August 15th at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Athlone, plus Ballynacargy, Shandonagh, Caulry & Garrycastle

Group 2: Hosts: Moate All Whites, plus Milltownpass, Castledaly, Millmore Gaels & Killucan

Group 3: Hosts: Kilbeggan/St. Josephs, plus Tubberclair, St. Malachys/Ballinagore & St. Marys Rochfortbridge

Group 4: Hosts: Tyrrellspass, plus Maryland/Tang, Rosemount, Mullingar Shamrocks and Coralstown/Kinnegad

Group 5: Hosts: Ballycomoyle, plus The Downs, Multyfarnham & Inny Shamrocks

Group 6: Hosts: St. Pauls, plus St. Lomans and Delvin

FOOTBALL - ROUND SEVEN, Saturday September 5th at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Inny Shamrocks, plus Ballycomoyle, Ballynacargy & St. Pauls

Group 2: Hosts: St. Lomans, plus St. Marys Rochfortbridge, Maryland/Tang & The Downs

Group 3: Hosts: Shandonagh, plus Killucan, Caulry, Moate All Whites & Delvin

Group 4: Hosts: Rosemount, plus Milltownpass, Multyfarnham & Castledaly

Group 5: Hosts: Millmore Gaels, plus Mullingar Shamrocks, Athlone, Tubberclair & Coralstown/Kinnegad

Group 6: Hosts: Garrycastle, plus Kilbeggan/St. Josephs, Tyrrellspass and St. Malachys/Ballinagore




HURLING - ROUND ONE, played Saturday April 25th

(*Group 1 not played – a number of withdrawals in advance and then poor weather on the morning)


HURLING – ROUND TWO DETAIL, Saturday May 16th at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Southern Gaels, plus – Castletown Geoghegan, Fr. Daltons, Longford Slashers and Clonguish

Group 2: Hosts: Clonkill, plus St. Brigids, Delvin, Brownstown, Clonkill, St. Oliver Plunketts, Raharney and Turin

Group 3: Hosts: Wolfe Tones, plus – Cullion, Castlepollard, Crookedwood, Lough Lene Gaels and Ringtown


HURLING – ROUND THREE DETAIL, Friday June 5th at 6.30pm

Group 1: Hosts: Fr. Daltons, plus – Cullion, St. Brigids, Southern Gaels, Longford Slashers & Clonguish

Group 2: Hosts: St. Oliver Plunketts, plus Brownstown, Crookedwood, Clonkill, Ringtown & Castletown Geoghegan

Group 3: Hosts: Castlepollard, plus Delvin, Turin, Raharney, Lough Lene Gaels and Wolfe Tones  


HURLING - ROUND FOUR, Thursday June 18th – Coinciding with Destination Sport Mullingar

Games for all clubs staggered at 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 8.00pm – full details nearer the time


HURLING – ROUND FIVE DETAIL, Friday July 17th at 6.30pm

Group 1: Hosts: St. Brigids, plus – Cullion, Fr. Daltons, Southern Gaels, Longford Slashers & Clonguish

Group 2: Hosts: Crookedwood, plus Brownstown, St. Oliver Plunketts, Clonkill, Ringtown & Castletown Geoghegan

Group 3: Hosts: Lough Lene Gaels, plus Delvin, Turin, Raharney, Castlepollard and Wolfe Tones


HURLING – ROUND SIX DETAIL, Saturday August 22nd at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Castletown Geoghegan, plus – Raharney, Crookedwood, Southern Gaels, Castlepollard, Longford Slashers & Clonguish

Group 2: Hosts: Turin, plus – Fr. Daltons, St. Oliver Plunketts, Ringtown & Lough Lene Gaels

Group 3: Hosts: Brownstown, plus – Delvin, Cullion, Wolfe Tones, St. Brigids & Clonkill

HURLING – ROUND SEVEN DETAIL, Saturday September 12th at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Longford Slashers or Clonguish hosting – plus Ringtown & Lough Lene Gaels

Group 2: Hosts: Cullion, plus Southern Gaels, St. Brigids, St. Oliver Plunketts and Fr. Daltons

Group 3: Hosts: Delvin, plus –Clonkill, Raharney, Castlepollard & Brownstown

Group 4: Hosts: Turin, plus - Castletown Geoghegan, Wolfe Tones & Crookedwood



Points To Note:

▪ If any club is not in a position to host a particular they are asked to make contact with another club in the group asking them to host that particular blitz.

▪ All asked to be at their respective venue 20 minutes in advance of the starting time

▪ Travelling teams asked to contact host club by the Thursday ahead of the blitz to confirm they are (a) travelling (b) confirm the numbers they expect to have and (c) to inform the hosts as to who you have already played – allowing where possible new opposition to be played in each blitz (if contact is not made the hosts to contact remaining visiting teams to firm up detail for blitz)

▪ On the day all to play two 30 minutes games (or possibly three of shorter duration)

▪ If any club is unavailable for a particular blitz they are asked to contact the hosts as soon as possible (as well as Noel Delaney). It is very unfair to host clubs when a club that is expected at a venue does not turn up and no notification is given




§ Games are for U.8 players (i.e. for players born on/after 1.1.2007)

§ Games 7-a-side (or 8-a-side)

§ Pitch Size approximately 45m x 30m (easily fitting 6 pitches on one main pitch)

§ Goal type – Grid Poles (or Portable Goals) – or flags if these are more readily available

§ Zones – Two zones in place, denoted by 3 or 4 markers across halfway line. Backs and Forwards stay in their zone, midfielders can cross between zones

§ Ball Type – First Touch

§ Games 30 minutes approx (2 x 15min)

§ Referees – provided by clubs (can be team mentors)

§ Results – not recorded centrally



§ Normal rules in terms of tackle etc

§ The player who is fouled takes the free

§ Goalkeeper must take the kick/puck out (and can kick/strike from the hand)

§ No 45’s/65’s – play resumes with a kick out/puck out

§ No penalties – close in free

§ Scoring System – Goal = 1 pt, Point = 1 pt (between the posts = 1 point)

HURLING Rules/General Guidelines – Hurling specific

§ Ground Hurling rule applies (except goalkeeper who is allowed puck out from hands, only goalkeeper allowed take puck out)

§ First Touch sliotar to be used     § No deliberate kicking of the sliotar

§ Option: If both coaches are agreeable, last 15mins can be played with the ‘First Touch Rule’.

i.e. one chance to rise the ball, then strike from hand (no solo allowed)

FOOTBALL Rules/General Guidelines – Football specific

§ It is not a free if player picks ball off ground (but players to attempt proper pick up)

§ ‘One hop / one solo’ rule applies

§ First Touch Football to be used

§ Gum Shield to be worn as per rule



§ The responsibility is on the host club to coordinate blitz (i.e. set up pitches, confirm number of teams once clubs arrive for blitz, set out fixtures, assign teams to pitches, ensure quick changeover between games and generally ensure swift running of games from start to finish)

§ Coaches to interchange all players and positions – allowing all players to experience different positions

§ Where clubs have relatively large numbers a second team (or for some of the larger clubs a third team), can be formed on the morning and the blitz coordinator will formulate fixtures accordingly

§ Respect Initiative in place – Mentors and players to line up and shake hands after the games

§ Players will play a minimum of two games. From feedback in previous years, some were very tired when playing a third game so two games appears right. Basically common sense in this regard!


l The focus for the games is on fun and enjoyment.








Well done and thank you to all involved in the Under 8's blitz at Shandonagh on Saturday last. It was a great day and all who participated had a great time. On the field of play there some great performances by all the children involved. We had children from the Mullingar Shamrocks, Multyfarnham and St.Lomans clubs participating




Training for U 8 begin on March 28th