Shandonagh GAA

Founded 1968

Co. Westmeath

Shandonagh GAA Code of Conduct



Shandonagh Gaelic Footbal     Code of Conduct

Code of Best Practice - Underage Coaches

·       Respect each player – Treat everyone equal

·       Coach every child at their own level, and ensure they learn at their own pace

·       The 3 Ps – Be positive, Punctual and Prepared

·       Encourage Participation, Enjoyment & Improvement amongst the players

·       Be a role model for young children

Code of Best Practice - Underage Players

·       Treat team mates, coaches, opponents & match officials with respect

·       Never use bad language or be abusive to anyone

·       Be on time for training and matches

·       Fold your jerseys and hand them back to the coaches after each match

·       Respect the decision of your coaches and match officials

·       Treat all club property with respect

Code of Best Practice – Parents, Adults members and supporters

·       Attend and support  your kids at raining & matches

·       Respect the difficult decisions that coaches and match officials have to make

·       Encourage & praise your child and their team.  Focus on the positive performance

·       No alcohol, No swearing, No smoking on the side-line near the children

·       Be on time when dropping off and picking up your child from training & matches

·       Go through the Code of Conduct with your child so everyone understands it.


At Shandonagh Gaelic Football, it’s our intention to make sure that every child knows and understands the Code of Conduct and that all player gets to play in a welcoming and safe environment, get treated fairly, have fun learn &improve their football skills and go home happy.  Please make sure you read this document with your child.


John Bawle

Shandonagh Children’s Officer

086 2654204



Young Players can benefit greatly from sports in terms of personal development and enjoyment. Our players are encouraged to realise that as a result of their participation in our Gaelic Games that they also have a responsibility to treat other players and officials with fairness and respect. With rights there will always be responsibilities. The term young players also refer to children i.e. any person who is under 18 years of age. Regardless of what team or age group they play with. Young Players, and those who work with them in our Associations are required to ‘sign up' and abide by this Code of Behavior and to any other policies or codes in our Clubs or Associations.
•    Be safe and feel safe.
•    Have fun and experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.
•    Be treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
•    Comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner.
•    Be afforded appropriate confidentiality.
•    Participate in games and competitions at levels with which they feel comfortable.
•    Be afforded adequate and meaningful playing time to assist in the development of their playing skills, within their own age group and in accordance with Rule.
•    Make their concerns known and have them dealt with in an appropriate manner.
•    Be protected from abuse.
•    Be listened to. 
•    Play fairly, do their best and enjoy themselves.
•    Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion beliefs.
•    Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not.
•    Represent their team, their Club and their family with pride and dignity.
•    Respect all Coaches, Officials and their opponents.
•    Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.
•    Shake hands before and after a game as part of the Give Respect Get Respect initiative, irrespective of the result.
•    Inform their Coach/Mentor/Manager in advance if they are unavailable for training and games.
•    Take due care of Club equipment.
•    Know that it is acceptable to talk to the Club Children's Officer with any concerns or questions they may have.
•    Adhere to acceptable standards of behavior and their Club’s Code of Discipline.
•    Tell somebody else if they or others have been harmed in anyway.
•    Never cheat - always play by the rules.
•    Never shout at or argue with a game’s official, with their Coach, their team mates or opponents and should never use violence.
•    Accept the decisions of referees and other officials.
•    Never use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage or isolate other players.
•    Never spread rumors.
•    Never tell lies about adults or other young people.
•    Never play or train if they feel unwell or are injured.
•    Never use unacceptable language or racial and/or sectarian references to an opponent, a fellow player or official bywords, deeds or gesture.
•    Never consume non-prescribed drugs or performance enhancing supplements.
•    Never use social media to discuss team mates, opponents, coaches, match officials. 





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